Nu Nalkas Domedagen

Music, lyrics, instruments and vocals by Nicklas Rudolfsson.
Recorded during several demo sessions in 2016-2017.
Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman.
Illustrations by Catta “Eldhexan” Holmberg.
Photo by Nicklas Rudolfsson.

Download/streaming, bandcamp (March 13, 2018)
CD, Archaic Sound (April 20, 2018)
LP, Archaic Sound (Date tbc??)

Nu Nalkas Ragnarök

Single 2017 from the “Nu Nalkas Ragnarök” demo session.


1. Introduktion
2. Bäring åt Fanders
3. En Bitter Försmak
4. Eitr
5. Domedagen
6. Verkligheten
7. Frost, Rost och Död
8. Avslut
9. Efter Ingenting (CD bonus track)

Recording information
First official demo EP release by Domedag.
Four main songs (2, 3, 5, 7) + some instrumental and “in the middle” songs.
Music, lyrics and arrangements by Nicklas Rudolfsson 2008-2016.
All instruments and vocals performed and recorded by Nicklas Rudolfsson.
Recorded December 18, 2016. Rough-mixed December 27, 2016.
Bonus track “Efter Ingenting” taken from an old demo recording.

Note from Nicklas:
Initially, the recording was planned to become a digital demo release but I thought it’s time to let it go as the first official release on CD, but still a rough demo recording.

Download/streaming, bandcamp (December 31, 2016)
CD, Nirucon Productions, niru001 (January 27, 2017)
– 6 sided pro-printed matt laminated digifile with lyrics and photos
– Pro-duplicated cdr, colour offset-printed label
– 60 hand numbered copies (**/60) + digital download code
– 20 hand numbered copies (**/20) with mini poster + digital download code
– 20 hand numbered copies (**/XX) with 20×20 cm painting + digital download code
– 20 hand numbered promo copies (**/P20)

CD 2nd edition, Nirucon Productions (April, 2017)
– 50 hand numbered (red paint) copies + digital download code

CD 3rd edition, Nirucon Productions (September, 2017)
– 50 copies hand marked with “3rd edition (50)” + digital download code

Old unofficial demo recordings

Old demo recordings previously available for download/streaming is deleted.
Most of the songs and parts of the lyrics have been revised or trashed in recent years (2010-2016).

Some of the old demos (now scrapped and not available anymore!):
En Bitter Försmak (2 tracks)
Bäring åt Fanders (2 tracks)
Frost, Rost och Död (2 tracks)
Om Natten (3 tracks)