Domedag – music project from Sweden

Started in 2003 by Nicklas Rudolfsson (aka niru). The project has been active on and off since then. The music has varied over the years but for the most part been in the heavier genres of metal. Several old demos have previously been available on the website, bandcamp, soundcloud, myspace, pages over the years. But there have been new versions of songs since back then and the direction of the music has changed a bit in recent years. From slow doom and dark ambient stuff during the early years to more speed tempos and varied compositions. Therefore, the old demo recordings are not available anymore. The first official release is the EP “Domedagen“. Released on bandcamp December 31, 2016 and on CD January 27, 2017. Recorded December 18 and mixed December 27, 2016. As of this writing, there are no new recordings planned. Maybe if I get the urge to complete a recording called “Nu Nalkas Ragnarök” that is only half done with drums and guitar on several songs. The recording took place earlier in 2016 but lacks bass and vocals. Time will tell if and when it will be completed…

December 2016

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