The Domedag project started in 2003 by Nicklas Rudolfsson. The project has been active on and off since then. Several old demos have previously been available on the website, bandcamp, soundcloud, myspace, pages over the years. But there have been new versions of songs since back then and the direction of the music has changed a bit in recent years.

The first “official” release is the rough mix demo EP “Domedagen“. Released on bandcamp December 31, 2016 and on CD January 27, 2017. Recorded December 18 and mixed December 27, 2016. Music, lyrics and arrangements by Nicklas Rudolfsson 2008-2016. Initially, the “Domedagen” recording was planned to become a demo release but I thought it was time to let it go as the first “official” release on CD via Nirucon Productions.

The second “official” release from Domedag is the demo session “Nu Nalkas Ragnarök” and a remixed version of “Domedagen” demo EP-session on the same full album. The “Nu Nalkas Ragnarök” session contains three songs and an intro. Drums and guitars were recorded during a day in 2016 and vocals and bass in November 2017. The demo compilation CD “Nu Nalkas Domedagen” is remixed by Johan Bäckman at Raven Noise Studio and release by Archaic Sound 2018.

Note that none of the above mentioned releases should be considered a real debut album. It’s just simple demos that have been released on CD. The future will show whether or not a real debut album will be released.