“DOMEDAGEN” digital version out now

Stream and download at domedag.bandcamp.com

1. Introduktion
2. Bäring åt Fanders
3. En Bitter Försmak
4. Eitr
5. Domedagen
6. Verkligheten
7. Frost, Rost och Död
8. Avslut

Recording information
First official EP release by Domedag.
Four main songs (2, 3, 5, 7) + some instrumental and “in the middle” songs.
Music, lyrics and arrangements by Nicklas Rudolfsson 2008-2016.
All instruments and vocals performed and recorded by Nicklas Rudolfsson.
Recorded December 18, 2016. Rough-mixed December 27, 2016.

Note from Nicklas:
Initially, the recording was planned to become a demo release but I thought it’s time to let it go as the first official release.